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Movie Title: LOVE IN TRANSITION - (Working Title)

Produced By: Folu Odunlami and Isioro T. Jaboro

Director: Isioro Tokunbo Jaboro

Genre: Drama / Shoot Date: TBD / Audition Type: Virtual with Zoom


Love in Transition is a romantic drama about a male visitor to Canada who falls in love with a female tour guide and an aspiring music artist. Unknown to her the visitor has been renewing his visa to extend his stay. When his visa renewal gets rejected by Immigration Canada and must leave Canada within 72 hours to avoid a deportation order, his options to stay are limited and his only hopes lie in the hands of his newfound love, a Canadian citizen to rekindle his hopes of staying by marrying him legally within a short period of time, or he must return back to his home country or face deportation

IMPORTANT: If interested in any of the roles listed below, kindly send in your Headshot to the following email address ASAP:

To BAG Canada Email: ******


OBI - LEAD ACTOR: Age mind 30s to late 40s Male, (African / Black). He is a visitor to Canada.

KANDIS – Singing Artist (LEAD ACTRESS): Age mid 20s to early 30s, female. Has a regular day job as a tour guide but spends her night working extremely hard in the studio singing preparing for her first album. She is a down to earth regular lady who is not afraid to express herself, she finds a way to get what she wants.

NATASHA - RADIO HOST: Natasha, female in her late 20s to mid 30s, has a soothing voice that is moderately high-pitched. She speaks from a Radio Station. You will be required to submit a 30 second to 60 sec voice recording as part of the casting requirements for this role. (OPEN RACE)

HARRY - RADIO CO-HOST: Harry is the Co-Host, a Male in his early 30s to mid 40s. He has a radio type calm voice that capable of engaging the audience. (OPEN RACE)

GOVERNMENT OFFICER: Female Voice Over, you will be required to speaks like an official government officer. Send in a 30sec – 60sec Voice Recording when applying for the role. (OPEN RACE & AGE)

GARY - COMEDIAN: Gary is a Stand-up Comedian and can make people laugh through his jokes, facial expression, gestures etc. Jokes must be in English language and appealing to all Race. (OPEN AGE & RACE)

LUCY WAITRESS: early 20s to mid 30s, friendly, good smiles with solid customer relations. (OPEN RACE)

PRIEST: Male, Age between late 20s to late 50s. Must be able to say the marriage vows comfortably without reading from a script. (OPEN RACE)

UBER DRIVE: This is a nonspeaking role. (OPEN AGE & RACE)

RESTAURANT GUEST: MULTIPLE CAST - 50+ Actors needed as restaurant guests. Because it is a restaurant scene, there may be occasional dialogues between selected actors. (OPEN AGE & RACE)

LAKE SIDE PARK: MULTIPLE CAST- 30+ Actors needed at several Park Scenes. (OPEN AGE & RACE)

LAKE SIDE WEDDING: MULTIPLE CAST - 15+ Actors needed as wedding guest for a wedding scene. (OPEN AGE & RACE)

***IMPORTANT: If interested in any of the role below be kindly send in your Headshot to the following email ASAP: BAG Canada Email: ***

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