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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Black Actor and Film Guild Canada (BAFGC) is a one-of-a-kind artist-run Canadian registered not-for-profit organizational platform that exists to promote and provide support and encouragement for Black Creatives such as; Black actors, filmmakers, artists, curators and exhibitors.

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Our Story

Founded in 2020, the Black Actor and Film Guild Canada (BAFGC) platform has been an essential resource for black creatives looking to learn and share from like-minded artists and experienced mentors and instructors through mentorship, workshops, festival screening, Q&As, artists, fashion, curators and exhibitors. BAFGC works with film and TV production companies to prepare its members for a successful Acting and Filmmaking career by providing critical instruction, indispensable career guidance, and exposure to real opportunities in areas such as films, theatre, television, music, and live performances and other forms of entertainments.

Our memberships are open to all underrepresented Black communities and are designed for Black people at all levels of their careers and abilities.

Whether you’re looking to work in film, TV, documentary, music, dance, fashion and other performing arts sectors, BAFGC is the place to be. The benefits are limitless and they include hands-on training, collaboration, low-cost professional equipment rentals & services, masterclasses and mentorship programs.

Meet The Team

Black In Canada Mentorship Program – BICMP-Workshop

The BAFGC’s “Black In Canada Mentorship Program (BICMP)” was established to create a community among Black Canadian Creatives that includes Artists, Actors, Filmmakers and the performing arts in Canada. Its core objectives are to improve the Canadian Black Creatives' performance, increase awareness of resources, create a safe hub for relationship building among peers and industry stakeholders, and foster a sense of belonging within the wider Black Actors and Film Guild community.

BICMP-Workshop provides training, mentorship, screening, and other performing arts program that is mainly focused on Black creatives. The idea behind the BICMP program is to establish a year-round multipurpose creative hub for training, mentorship and promoting Canadian Black Creatives through Music, Theater, Film, Television and the performing arts. All BICMP mentors will use their experiences to help their mentees navigate the industry as Black creatives. Visit the BICMP Workshop for more information.

Our Festivals & Festival Partners:

The annual International Black & Diversity Film Festival (IBDFF) and The Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival (TINFF) are instrumental in supporting, promoting and creating Canadian and international exposure to our members through screening, workshops, and awards events.  


BAFGC Annual Membership fees go a long way. They are vital in supporting outreach programs, updating and increasing production and sound gears, and ensuring that we can best serve our black member base.

All memberships are annual and expire one year at the end of the month they were subscribed. Memberships are based on a calendar month.

NOTE: Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Our Partners

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