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Canadian Black Screen Awards

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Michelle TÖME Akanbi

Winner of the "Award of Excellence in Music (Artist)" and Best Female Artist at the CBS Awards 2024, Michelle TÖME Akanbi, a Juno award-winning French-Canadian Nigerian singer-songwriter, has toured with Wizkid, Burna Boy, Mr. Eazi, and many other favourites.

Emmanuel Kabongo

The CBS Awards 2024 award Emmanuel Kabongo Best Actor, Best Picture, and Award of Excellence in Acting (Actor) for his producing debut SWAY. Emmanuel, a two-time Canadian Screen Awards nominee, has spent time learning from acting legends Earl Nanhu, Lindy Davies, and Tom Todoroff. Speaking French and English, he has enhanced the entertainment industry and shown his Christian stance through a Christmas charity for the needy.

Mishael Morgan

The Emmy Award winner and recipient of the Excellence in Acting Award (Actress), her new thriller film SWAY wins Best Picture at the CBS Awards 2024. Mishael Morgan is a Trinidadian Canadian actress best known for her roles as Hilary Curtis and Amanda Sinclair on the CBS daytime soap opera The Young and the Restless.

Ryan Singh

Producer Ryan Singh won the CBS Award 2024 for Media Excellence. Ryan Singh films emphasize identity, human rights, and social justice through drama. Ray of Hope," "Fried Bakes and Dumplings," "The Nature of Things," "Memento: A South African Art Venture," and "The Black Experience Project," promote racial justice and equality by discussing black life, racism, discrimination, and community. Ryan Singh's films educate, entertain, and inspire viewers on important societal issues.

Sonia Aimy

The 2024 CBS Tribute Artist Award goes to Sonia Aimy, a popular Nigerian singer, entrepreneur, actress, and activist. Sonia Aimy founded the African Women Acting (AWA), an Ontario-based non-profit organization that empowers and presents African artists and promotes African culture through music, storytelling, visual arts, and cinema. Masterclasses for artistic growth are offered. AWA seeks solutions and supports sexism, prejudice, racism, and mental health.

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Madam Truddie Edem

The CBS Awards have chosen Madam Truddie Edem as the recipient of the Humanitarian Award in 2024. Ms. Edem has been a member of the Nigerian Canadian Association (NCA) in both executive and board capacities, in addition to her passion as a seasonal actress. In an empowering way, she has preserved her commitment to supporting, promoting, and participating in humanitarian engagement in Canada, particularly within the Canadian Black community and the creative industry.


Chief Yinka Farinde

Mr. Yinka Farinde, president and CEO of ABEDORC Media and a network of firms, is a Nigerian Canadian nurse turned music star and promoter who has sponsored the Black Actors and Film Guild Canada project. Since boyhood, he has self-taught conga, drum set, talking drum, and percussion. He is also an entrepreneur. After moving from Nigeria to Canada in 1989, Yinka Farinde established the New Horizon, later renamed Yinka & The Juju Beats, in 1994.

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