Welcome To The Black Actors & Film Guild Canada:

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Welcome To Black Film Guild Canada (BFG - Canada)

Through the collective voice of Canadian Black Filmmakers that BFG represents, one of the Guild’s key objectives is to bring together Black Filmmakers in Canada, fight to protect BFG member’s creative, artistic, and legal rights, to ensure that filmmakers have the freedom to be creative, and increase possibilities, opportunities and enthusiasm to build creative and credible careers. The guild will collaborate with Black-owned production organizations, such as Film, Music, TV Networks, Distributors, and other stakeholders to create limitless opportunities for Black Filmmakers in Canada. Through the Black Actors Guild, we will train Black Actors and prepare them for a progressive acting career. On behalf of the BFG and BAG membership and staff, we hope you find our site useful and informative, and that you return often.


Welcome To Black Actors Guild Canada (BAG -Canada)

Black Actor Guild of Canada (BAG -Canada) is a platform set up to promote and empower Black actors in Canada and prepare them for a successful acting career by providing critical instruction, indispensable career guidance, and exposure to real opportunities in areas such as films, theatre, television, music, and live performances and other forms of entertainments.

(BAG -Canada) also serves as a Talent Agency / based in the heart of Toronto, Ontario. We provide aspiring stars with the opportunities and support they need to bring their talents directly into the spotlight. We work with some of the biggest names in the industry and are ready to make your dreams come to life. Contact us today and see how we can take your career to the next level.



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A Unique Talent Agency

Black Actors Guild Canada (BAG -Canada) is home to some of entertainment’s brightest stars. What started off as an idea in 2019 is anticipated to turn into an empire of discovering black talents.


The Actors & Black Film Guild also serves as a talent agency carefully chooses those we represent, providing them with a chance to boost their career by offering them entertainment and production opportunities. We’ve spent years growing relationships with the industry’s top names, offering our clients the opportunity to work with some of the biggest production companies. Contact us today and see what we can do for you.


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What We Do

At Black Actors Guild Canada (BAG -Canada), we’re proud of the work we do. Since 2019, we’ve been making our clients’ dreams come true by bringing production opportunities and creating a press-worthy buzz behind their talents. The media loves what we bring to the entertainment table, and this brings an opportunity to be highlighted many times in numerous press outlets. Stay tuned for more updates.

BAG -Canada will announce acting opportunities on our social media platform, website, and create acting workshops and training. BAG -Canada will team up with production partners to collaborate with black actors in creating movie projects shorts and feature films, music videos that will give Black actors the much-needed competitive edge and experience to build their acting portfolio and prepare them for bigger opportunities in the movie industry. We welcome everyone, all Black actors and aspiring Black actors!


Actors of all ages are welcome to join (BAG -Canada). Actors under the age of 18, must at all time be supervised by their parents or legal guardian during any of BAG-Canada’s sessions. No exceptions will be allowed for no supervision of minors!



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